Ft. Tierras – Project by Patricia Urquiola – Photography Giulia Benedetta Costa


403030 HEALTHY KITCHEN is the new Mariella Radici’s project, that combines the balance of a healthy diet with conviviality pleasure. It aims to offer carefully balanced dishes, thought for body and mind’s well-being in accordance with the Zone Diet theory, serving them in a concept bistrot which is in line with this philosophy.

The restaurant is located in via Fiori Chiari in Milan and the interiors have been designed by Patricia Urquiola, according to welcoming and functionality standards. Essential lines and neutral colours blend with the typical contemporary language of the Spanish designer. The use of our Tierras collection gives a sense of warmth to the setting, where terracotta and grit are the predominant materials, but wood, textile fibre and marble are used as well.

Three different areas permit different ways of consuming food and living the bistrot during the day: the first room is dedicated to breakfast and take away, and the focal point is a great black counter in marble and terrazzo; in the adjacent space, the clients can create their own dishes, served on trays with a singular and distinctive design; downstairs, a big table with kitchen view is thought as Social Table, a space of sharing par excellence.

403030 HEALTHY KITCHEN has been conceived to be more than just a restaurant. It wants to be a representative of a healthy lifestyle in which the food becomes an emotional experience, through which regain your own equilibrium.


1_403030 Healthy Kitchen.1 (c) Giulia Benedetta Costa

2_403030 Healthy Kitchen.3 (c) Giulia Benedetta Costa


4_403030 Healthy Kitchen.4 (c) Giulia Benedetta Costa

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