by Tokujin Yoshioka

Photography by Pascal Grob

Mutina Journal is not just an ordinary container of news and events. Mutina Journal was created to be our window on the world, a way to make those who follow us know new curiosities about the brand and to those who approach the brand for the first time, who we really are. That’s why we asked our designers to share with us a unique content each month, to communicate an aspect of their personality that we do not know, an unprecedented passion or a hidden skill. Tokujin Yoshioka has shared with us a special place, the Rhine Falls in Switzerland.

“I once visited the Rhine falls in Switzerland. I never get tired of its continuous change in expressions and the beauty is timeless. Standing there, I experienced the saturation of magnificence, wilderness and beauty of the natural energy. The Rhine falls is the most striking landscape that I have ever seen in Europe. Also, there’s the Iguaz falls in Brazil, where I would like to visit next”.