MEWS by Barber & Osgerby

This collection was inspired by the landscape, history and personality of London and the huge variety of textures present in the infrastructure there: bricks, wooden floors and irregular geometric patterns.

The apparently random and purposefully imprecise effect is created by the free chromatic composition obtained through extensive research and numerous trials as part of continuous experimentation with colour and the composition of chromatic nuances. Mews consists of six basic colour themes: chalk, fog, pigeon, lead, ink and soot, each of which in turn contains a palette of 15 different tones. This broad colour range brings depth and movement to the surface of the tile, making it interesting and complex. The tiles are produced industrially in mass-coloured porcelain stoneware and are accompanied by a handmade glazed white version obtained through extrusion. The collection was designed for both contemporary and traditional use.

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