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Rivington Tables by Barber & Osgerby

Rivington Tables derives its name from the Rivington Bar & Grill Restaurant in London. Situated in close proximity to Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s studio, this establishment quickly became a favourite meeting spot with the Mutina team. The project celebrates not only the infinite expressive potential of ceramics but also a decade of collaboration with the company.


Rivington Tables respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.

Rivington Tables by Barber & Osgerby
Rivington Tables by Barber & Osgerby
The collection includes small tables of varying dimensions, produced using the casting technique and adorned with colourful glazes. The elegant design is infused with an exuberant and playful style achieved through the interplay of shapes and the unique colour palette that defines the project. As a result, the collection offers five distinct combinations: two for wall mounting – one featuring the Tondo top and one featuring the Rettangolare top – and three freestanding, available in heights of 50 cm, 65 cm, and 90 cm.
Rivington Table 45W Round
Rivington Table 45W Round

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, founders of the famous London-based studio, joined the Mutina team in 2013 with the Mews collection. Since then they designed Puzzle and Mistral in 2016, Primavera in 2018, and launched Time and Rivington Tables in 2023.
“With Rivington Tables, we enjoyed the liberty to craft a more compact collection where colour plays a pivotal role. It can be bolder, more vibrant… kind of like candy.”
Rivington Tables by Barber & Osgerby
Rivington Tables 90 and 60 Rivington Table 60 Rivington Table 45W Rectangular Rivington Table 45W Rectangular Rivington Table 50 Rivington Table 50 Rivington Table 50 Rivington Table 60 Rivington Table 90 Rivington Table W45 Round Rivington Table W45 Rectangular

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