PHENOMENON by Tokujin Yoshioka

This collection was inspired by designer’s desire to incorporate natural phenomena and the laws of nature in the conception of his projects, creating pieces that express originality.

The idea was to create ceramics that recalled the textures of materials from the natural world, without manipulating their appearance, but creating a moving design that remains engraved in the memory. Phenomenon combines small elements to create depth and width. The various designs – honeycomb, snowflakes, icicles and plant cells – evoke natural scenes.

We have created a product that combines both the latest technology available at the industrial level, both the skill and dexterity needed for “made to measure” craft production.

Phenomenon, with Rain A-B-C, Honeycomb A-B, Rock, Air, Wind and Hexagon, is the ultimate expression of the ability of expert Italian craftsmen. The large unglazed porcelain tiles become the center for the collection of industrial production.

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