Phenomenon by Tokujin Yoshioka

Phenomenon by Tokujin Yoshioka

Phenomenon stems from the desire to incorporate natural phenomena and the laws of nature into a contemporary design project, with the aim of giving life to an original element, capable of being impressed in the memory.

That’s why Phenomenon takes textures from the natural world – honeycombs, ice formations and plant cells.


ICFF Editors Award Material 2011
Wallpaper Design Award 2011
Edida 2011
Selected For Adi Design Index 2011
Love Tag Award Azure Magazine 2012
Red Dot Design Award 2012
Interior Innovation Award 2014
Best Of Best 2014


Phenomenon respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Phenomenon Air Fango
Phenomenon Air Fango
Thanks to the combination of small materials and the palette of neutral tones (Bianco, Grigio, Fango and Nero), which create poetic and evocative compositions, Phenomenon gives the interiors an effect of vastness and depth such as to bring back the memories of natural scenarios.
Phenomenon Bianco
Phenomenon Bianco
Phenomenon Honeycomb B Grigio
Phenomenon Honeycomb B Grigio

Tokujin Yoshioka

Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka joined the Mutina team in 2010. He designed the Phenomenon collection.
“In collaboration with Mutina, I have pondered on designing tiles which express the textures of material derived from the nature. My intention is not to manipulate the appearance of nature, but to create a design, which stirs one’s heart and imagination and remain deep in one’s memory.”
Phenomenon Bianco Phenomenon Honeycomb A Bianco, Hexagon Bianco Phenomenon Rain C Bianco Phenomenon Hexagon Bianco Phenomenon Air Bianco Phenomenon Rain A Bianco Phenomenon Honeycomb A Phenomenon Air Bianco Phenomenon Wind Bianco Phenomenon Wind Bianco Phenomenon Rock Bianco Phenomenon Rock Bianco Phenomenon Rock Bianco Phenomenon Honeycomb B Bianco Phenomenon Honeycomb B Bianco Phenomenon Grigio Phenomenon Rain B Bianco, Hexagon Grigio Phenomenon Rock Grigio Phenomenon Rain A Grigio Phenomenon Fango Phenomenon Hexagon Fango Phenomenon Rain C Fango Phenomenon Nero Phenomenon Wind Nero Phenomenon Honeycomb A Nero, Hexagon Nero Phenomenon Rain B Nero

Sizes & Colors

Homogeneous unglazed porcelain stoneware
Nominal Sizes
HEXAGON: 16,5·14,5 cm (6 1/2”·5 45/64”)
RAIN A: rete/net 25·30 cm (rete/net 9 7/8”·12”)
RAIN B: rete/net 25·30 cm (rete/net 9 7/8”·12”)
RAIN C: rete/net 25·30 cm (rete/net 9 7/8”·12”)
HONEYCOMB A: rete/net 30·30 cm (rete/net 12”·12”)
HONEYCOMB B: rete/net 30·30 cm (rete/net 12”·12”)
ROCK: rete/net 29·29 cm (rete/net 11 13/16”·11 13/16”)
AIR: rete/net 30·30 cm (rete/net 12”·12”)
WIND: rete/net 25·25 cm (rete/net 10”·10”)
RAIN A: min 5 mm - max 7 mm
RAIN B: min 5 mm - max 7 mm
RAIN C: 5 mm
HONEYCOMB A: min 5 mm - max 6 mm
HONEYCOMB B: min 6 mm - max 8 mm
ROCK: 5 mm
AIR: 8 mm
WIND: 7 mm
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