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Déchirer by Patricia Urquiola

Déchirer by Patricia Urquiola

Déchirer was a breakthrough in the world of designer tiles. The use of Continua technology allowed to realise large slabs in unglazed porcelain stoneware, modular and single work-size, that can be used both on floors and walls.

The bas-reliefs that elegantly cross the surface are barely visible; they are not mere decorations, but represent what remains of torn memories. The colour palette is composed by neutral tones that allow to create changeable spaces, harmonic and enchanting, yet able to keep a contemporary look.


Edida 2009
Best of Neocon 2009
Home Beautiful Product 2009
Selected For Adi Design Index 2009
Good Design 2010
ICFF Editors Award Material 2011


Déchirer respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Déchirer Decor Nero
Déchirer Decor Nero
The collection combines surfaces, textures and different materials, as well as researching on materials, experimenting with new technologies, re-interpreting shapes and colours. Furthermore, sustainability and respecting the environment is a prerogative of the collection, which creates a modern and refined design that is also eco-friendly.
Déchirer Esagona Piombo
Déchirer Esagona Piombo
Déchirer Esagona Nero, Glass Mosaico Ecrù
Déchirer Esagona Nero, Glass Mosaico Ecrù
Visit the gallery to discover the whole collection.
Déchirer (La Suite) Net Calce
Déchirer (La Suite) Net Calce

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola, Spanish architect and designer, but Italian at heart, joined the Mutina team in 2008. She designed numerous collections, including Déchirer, Bas-Relief, Azulej, Tierras, Déchirer XLCelosiaEl LoboMaterChamotte e Jali.
“Déchirer comes from the idea of creating a surface inspired by the opacity of concrete, always preserving its identity of ceramic. Working side by side, always taking part into the creative and production process, being also able to enjoying it.”
Déchirer by Patricia Urquiola
Wall: Déchirer (La Suite) Net Calce, Floor: Déchirer (La Suite) Trace Calce Déchirer Decor Nero Déchirer Random Piombo Déchirer Neutral Ecrù Déchirer Glass Ecrù Déchirer Esagona Nero Déchirer Decor Bianco Déchirer Glass Grigio Déchirer Neutral Ecrù Déchirer (La Suite) Trace Cenere Déchirer (La Suite) Trace Cenere Déchirer (La Suite) Trace Cemento Wall: Déchirer Glass Grigio, Floor: Déchirer Neutral Grigio Déchirer Decor Grigio Déchirer (La Suite) Trace Calce Déchirer (La Suite) Trace Cemento Déchirer (La Suite) Net Cenere

Sizes & Colors

Unglazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware
Nominal Sizes
Decor: mosaico random 21,4·44,4 cm (8”· 17”)
Decor: 120·120 cm (47”·47”), 60·120 cm (24”·47”), 60·60 cm (24”·24”)
Decor: esagona 120·120 cm (47”·47”), esagona 60·60 cm (24”·24”)
Neutral: 120·120 cm (47”·47”), 60·120 cm (24”·47”), 60·60 cm (24”·24”)
Net: 120·120 cm (47”·47”), 30·120 cm (12”·47”), 60·60 cm (24”·24”)
Trace: 120·120 cm (47”·47”), 30·120 cm (12”·47”), 60·60 cm (24”·24”)
Glass: 0,9·0,9 cm, on net 30·30 cm (on net 12”·12”)
Decor, Neutral, Net, Trace: 12mm
Glass: 4,5 mm

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