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Bas-Relief by Patricia Urquiola

Bas-Relief by Patricia Urquiola

Bas-Relief is a handmade collection where the ancient art of bas-relief becomes the protagonist, by being proposed in four different decorative patterns: three patterns just for wall covering in a 18x54 cm size and one for floor covering in a 26,5x18 cm size.

Code is characterized by an austere and refined texture, expressed through a movement that repeats itself on the surface as a code; Patchwork consists of a mix and match of patterns that creates a constantly evolving design; in Garland, the flower element is revised with a contemporary and digital attitude; Cloud, the last one, is airy and light as a cloud, and it creates an abstract and constant design.


Bas-Relief respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.

Bas-Relief Code Cipria
Bas-Relief Code Cipria
Bas-Relief is declined in natural and neutral tones such as white, powder and black, applied in an innovative way. The elements of the collection are characterized by different depths that create a chiaroscuro effect whose’s intensity depends on light, giving the interior an elegant and refined look.
Bas-Relief Garland Nero
Bas-Relief Garland Nero
Bas-Relief Cloud Cipria
Bas-Relief Cloud Cipria
Visit the gallery to discover the whole collection.
Bas-Relief Patchwork Bianco
Bas-Relief Patchwork Bianco

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola, Spanish architect and designer, but Italian at heart, joined the Mutina team in 2008. She designed numerous collections, including Déchirer, Bas-Relief, Azulej, Tierras, Déchirer XL, CelosiaEl LoboMaterChamotte e Jali.
“After Déchirer, we were still eager to explore the theme of the relief and of the crack excavated with a more austere and less romantic sign. Finally, from this research, Bas-Relief was born, thanks to the wonderful team work between Mutina and all my staff.”
Bas-Relief by Patricia Urquiola
Bas-Relief Code Cipria Bas-Relief Code Bianco Bas-Relief Code Nero Bas-Relief Garland Bianco Bas-Relief Patchwork Nero Bas-Relief Garland Nero Bas-Relief Cloud Cipria Bas-Relief Cloud Nero Bas-Relief Patchwork Bianco Bas-Relief Collection Bas-Relief Cipria Bas-Relief Bianco Bas-Relief Nero

Sizes & Colors

Porcelain clays artisanally extruded
Nominal Sizes
Patchwork, Garland, Cloud: 18·54 cm (7”·21”)
Code: 26,5·18 cm (10,55”·7”)
9 mm

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