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Pico Bois by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Blue Dots

Pico Bois is the first wooden floor realised by Mutina. It’s a dear material to Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, as it is often used in Brittany-based houses to give a sense of warmth to interiors. As the name itself suggests, it’s an evolution of Pico – the first collection realised by the designers and a great classic of Mutina – of which it recalls the graphic motif made of blue and red dots, enhancing the wood texture.

Pico Bois slats are realised in European oak in the size 7x49 cm, with a thickness of 14 mm (4 mm of top layer and 10 mm of birch as a support) and a micro bevel that exalts its quality, making the installation easier. The typical dotted pattern is realised by impressing and glazing the surface with a water-based single-component, an ecological process that guarantees durability without the necessity of further interventions. Ultimately, the modules are treated with an innovative embossing process, recreating the “hammered” effect that distinguishes the Pico collection.

Blue Dots
Blue Dots

“We thought that reproducing the small dots of Pico on a material such as wood, with its natural imperfections and grain, could be interesting. The result is a pattern halfway between extremely natural signs and a texture.”
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

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Red Dots, Blue Dots
Red Dots, Blue Dots
Red Dots
Red Dots
Blue Dots Red Dots Blue Dots Red Dots Red Dots Red Dots Blue Dots Blue Dots Blue Dots Blue Dots Red Dots Red Dots Blue Dots Red Dots, Blue Dots Red Dots, Blue Dots Red Dots Blue Dots Blue Dots

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