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by Nathalie Du Pasquier
The new Mutina Edition designed by artist Nathalie Du Pasquier and produced in collaboration with Bitossi.

Paesaggi features a range of manufactured ceramic items, realised in Italy according to the artisanal tradition.

They are artistic objects designed for interior decoration, that come to life through compositions of architectural shapes: a reflection of the artists’s research and creative approach, transporting the observer into an almost metaphysical dimension, suspended in space and time.

Nathalie Du Pasquier

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Paesaggi provides three models declined in three colour options with a glossy finish, for a total of 9 unique pieces. The elements are composed of a thick base on which a composition of geometric shapes in rich colours emerges. Quadrato is available in the shades Bianco and Rosso, in solid colour, and Policromo; Rettangolo is available in the shades Bianco and Nero, in solid colour, and Policromo; Tondo is available in the shades Bianco and Verde, in solid colour, and Policromo.

Discover the exhibition at Casa Mutina Milano

“Elementi per paesaggi” is the new exhibition especially developed by Nathalie Du Pasquier for the spaces of Casa Mutina Milano. The French artist gave birth to a lively and dynamic installation by using the elements of Mattonelle Margherita, creating a display where to discover the new Mutina project and experiencing the ceramic material through its possible forms: a surface and a three-dimensional element, enhancing its great decorative power.

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