Artissima and Mutina collaborating on a new prize



Among its exciting innovations for 2016, Artissima presents This Is Not a Prize, a new award created in collaboration with Mutina, renowned for its innovative products that cleverly combines craftsmanship and research with collaborations with up-to-the-minute designers.

As the title suggests, the prize does not provide for a closed grid of scope or research, but instead will come to fruition in the encounter between Mutina’s sensibility and the talent of the winner. The very nature of the award reflects the creative philosophy of Mutina, which is based on dialogue with ever-diverse professionals and backgrounds.

The €5,000 prize will be awarded to a talent at the fair, and will signal the beginning of a dialogue that will take shape in the development of a new project – such as a publication or production of a show, or one involving the ceramics conceived as the product of the winner.

This Is Not a Prize thus, a priori, chooses not to exclude any creative path, allowing for total freedom of selection and prize-giving: it is a new opportunity for dialogue and promotion that will provide an unprecedented scope of possibility for all parties involved.

Another aspect that characterises This Is Not a Prize is the jury, which is composed of figures who share the aesthetic and creative approach of the brand: Massimo Orsini (CEO, Mutina), Patricia Urquiola (architect and designer), Gianluigi Ricuperati (creative director, Domus Academy) and Marco De Vincenzo (designer).

On the heels of successful collaborations with outstanding partners in the design world, with this initiative – its first partnership with Artissima – Mutina inaugurates their entry into the world of contemporary art, in line with the stylistic choices that have always distinguished the brand.