Photography by Matteo Pastorio

We paid a visit to architects Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa who formed Uda together in 2004. The studio is located inside Docks Dora, the heart of commercial life during Turin’s golden age and now redeveloped as a hub for innovation and creativity that preserves an air of decadence and nostalgia.


How is your collaboration structured within projects?

A combination of male and female mental landscapes is what brings depth to interiors, with a coexistence of contrasts than closes up to the real life: a monochromatic sight in our home would drive us crazy.
For this reason, each project is shared between us in every part, from its conception to building processes, through an intense relationship with the customer (as far as we are involved in home living projects).

If the studio’s concept was described within a quote, what would it be?

“Anything happens for a reason”: every single project has a foundation on our deep research and analysis of the surrounding architectural elements, location and future inhabitants, aiming to obtain a defined theme of reference to look at, during each phase of activity. We speak of cultural homes, points of discussion and meeting between what’s in and what’s out, between individuals and society.



Which project of yours do you still remember vividly?

That usually is the latest, the one that amazes and satisfies us the most.
Having cared for long time to spaces and furnitures and inhabitants makes every project unique and different from the previous, building onto a further step in our personal path. We always are very surprised by how, what was just an idea at first, gets its own exact space in the reality.

Your pieces of work are often referred to the concept of “sensorial perception”. What is that all about?

The use of the space and of the materials we operate amplifies their own perception, sensorially involving individuals, within multiple aspects.



According to your own philosophy, how are human and space interacting and how is architecture contributing to their relationship?

Architecture can only be involved to make sure space is not overtaking human nature. Architecture is aimed for shaping and warming domestic space, to make it the place for intimacy and conviviality.

When have you first heard of Mutina?

We fell for Déchirer, by Patricia Urquiola.



Do you have a favorite collection?

Every piece designed by Bouroullec and Patricia Urquiola, really.

Are you currently working on any interesting project you want to share with us?

We’re actually working on a domestic interior in Venice, involving different variants of Mutina’s Pico serie.