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A Dialogue on Ceramics

Nathalie Du Pasquier & Jean-Pierre Blanc

Mutina’s story is one born from dialogue. It is precisely in the exchange between people, materials, and disciplines that the best ideas arise. For Mutina, this process is constantly evolving; it is an ongoing conversation with new interlocutors, frontiers, and challenges. The greatest one: a constant quest for beauty.

Today, this dialogue belongs to everyone. A Dialogue on Ceramics explores the creative synergies that have made Mutina what it is through conversations between designers, intellectuals, and friends.

In the second chapter of the series, we find Nathalie Du Pasquier and Jean-Pierre Blanc. The artist engages in dialogue with the director of Villa Noailles on the occasion of her participation in the 18th Design Parade in Hyères, Toulon, France. The exhibition also presents a dialogue between the two sides of Nathalie, coexisting in the space thanks to the combination of drawing and ceramics. The setup is entirely based on modules of Mattonelle Margherita, the unique collection created by the artist in collaboration with Mutina.

“There is light in ceramics. I think it is a combination of elements that makes ceramics so magical. Look at this object Nathalie called ‘table architecture’: it takes us elsewhere. I believe it is the strength of the artist and the power of design—especially when combined with ceramics.”
Jean-Pierre Blanc

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