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Mistral by Barber & Osgerby

Mistral by Barber & Osgerby

With Mistral, Mutina continues its research on three-dimensional elements, abandoning what is the classic perception, in favor of a contemporary and innovative project. The collection was born from a reminiscence of the ancient architecture typical of the Italian countryside, from which the designers drew inspiration to design extremely innovative and highly functional elements.

Mistral is composed of a single terracotta module handcrafted for casting, geometrically refined and proportioned, available in 12,5x25,5x12,5 cm sizes.


Mistral respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Mistral Collection
Mistral Collection
The bases of the Mistral elements are multiple to the height, to symbolize the versatility and the different possible combinations – horizontal and vertical, closed and open – thanks to which it is possible to create vibrant chiaroscuro along entire surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.
Mistral Black
Mistral Black

Barber & Osgerby

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, founders of the famous London-based studio, joined the Mutina team in 2013 with the Mews collection. Since then they designed Puzzle and Mistral in 2016, Primavera in 2018, and launched Time and Rivington Tables in 2023.
“During a visit to the Italian countryside, we noticed how terracotta vent tiles were also used to provide natural ventilation in rural barns and out-buildings. We started thinking about their function as a partition, shielding or revealing certain details, creating cones of light and shadow within the solid stone walls of the ancient farmstead. This was what brought us to Mistral.”
Mistral by Barber & Osgerby
Mistral Black Mistral Owl Mistral Black Mistral White

Sizes & Colors

Tape casting terracotta
Nominal Sizes
12,5·25,5·12,5 cm (4”·10”· 4”)

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