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Kosei by Vincent Van Duysen

Punto by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

With Kosei – which means composition in Japanese – Vincent Van Duysen proposes a range of ceramic surfaces developed with pure and tactile materials, inspired by lava rocks such as obsidian and volcanic glasses, which are homogeneous, amorphous and with exceptional hardness.

The end result is a timeless design conceived for “grand” architecture, characterised by extreme versatility thanks to the 8 formats and 5 colours that can be matched to create infinite combinations with a progressively decorative taste.


Kosei respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Chevron Grey Green
Chevron Grey Green
Kosei has been specifically conceived for floors, both indoors and outdoors. The collection features a wide range of elements: the 60x180 cm, 60x90 cm, 60x60 cm, 15x90 cm, 15x60 cm, 15x30 cm and 15x15 cm formats are perfectly modular with each other and have a soft texture; in addition, the Chevron format, available in size 9.6x56.5 cm, has been created to lend depth to surfaces. The numerous elements make it possible to design elegant matt surfaces, but also allow for creativity: by choosing one or more formats and alternating the 5 available colours – Bone, Storm, Terra, Grey Green and Dark Grey – it is possible to create different harmonious yet dynamic compositions.
Dark Grey, Bone, Grey Green
Dark Grey, Bone, Grey Green
Visit the gallery to discover the whole collection.
Dark Grey, Bone
Dark Grey, Bone

Vincent Van Duysen

Belgian architect and designer, Vincent Van Duysen joined the Mutina team in 2022. He designed the Kosei, Renga e Yama collections.
“With Kosei, I wanted to go deeper into the history of patterns linked to the world of architecture. We have obtained an extremely versatile collection, with which it’s possible to go from a homogeneous layout to a very rhythmic and graphic one.”
Kosei by Vincent Van Duysen
Bone, Storm, Terra, Grey Green, Dark Grey Chevron Grey Green Chevron Grey Green Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Grey Storm Bone, Storm, Terra, Grey Green, Dark Grey

Sizes & Colors

Extruded unglazed porcelain stoneware
Nominal Sizes
60·180 cm (24”·71”) 60·90 cm (24”·36”) 60·60 cm (24”·24”) 15·90 cm (6”·36”) 15·60 cm (6”·24”) 15·30 cm (6”·12”) 15·15 cm (6”·6”)
Chevron: 9,6·56,5 cm (4”·22”)
10 mm

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