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Passaggio della Vittoria

Paul Thorel
Passaggio della Vittoria

Passaggio della Vittoria is a large-scale permanent site-specific installation by artist Paul Thorel (London 1956 – Naples 2020) commissioned by Madre Museum in Naples and realized by Mutina in 2018.

It is a large-scale mosaic of about 180 square meters made with 1,832,400 tiles, each one square centimeter, and decorated with digital machines, laid on the four walls of the passage that connects the central courtyard of the museum to the sculpture courtyard.

Passaggio della Vittoria dissolves a combination of shapes and colors through a special process of image decomposition, typical of Thorel’s work. The installation, commissioned by Museo Madre, quotes natural elements, typical Neapolitan architectural references and physical and mental landscapes suggestions. This monumental wall installation combines the traditional technique of mosaic with the language of pixels and technology, creating an evocative and strongly contemporary experience.

A set of shapes, segments, horizons and colors accompanies the visitor in the passage from one point to another during the visit. The transit from digital decomposition to the real recomposition of the gaze and “the passage” from the absence of vision to intuition, are the interpretative elements manifested in their most emblematic meaning.

Passaggio della Vittoria is the result of a special collaboration between artist, museum and company, a dialogue that has allowed the creation of a new permanent installation in one of the most important Italian museum Institutions.

Passaggio della Vittoria
Passaggio della Vittoria
Passaggio della Vittoria
Passaggio della Vittoria
Passaggio della Vittoria
Passaggio della Vittoria
Paul Thorel
Museo Madre Napoli, June 22, 2018 — permanent

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