Expositions Rennes

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec


Les Champs Libres, Parlement de Bretagne, Frac Bretagne

25th March – 28 August 2016


A tighter bound is confirmed once again with designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, through Pico collection a few years ago and the more recent special project Mutina Editions, for which Mutina announces its involvement in Rennes. The important exhibiting project puts into relation the French city, from which it gains its name, and the French duo: three contemporary exhibitions placed inside of three emblematic Breton institutional buildings, that develop through three distinct approaches: a true journey that speaks of relationships between objects, places and people.

Mutina Editions special elements are produced by Mutina specifically for the designers, after being part of the previous exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, remixed and displaced for the French debut in Rennes. A unique, wide system of environment exploring constructions in matters, shapes and colors.

The project takes part in the bigger path developed around contemporary arts: in 2017 Mutina Editions will witness collaborations alongside world’s biggest and most reckoned artists and designers.