FIAC 2018

a video by Pietro Cremona


The award ceremony of This Is Not a Prize 2018, the annual recognition through which Mutina aims to promote and sustain the work of contemporary artists, took place during the 45th Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (FIAC).

This year’s committee, composed by Daniel Baumann (Director, Kunsthalle Zurich), Sarah Cosulich (Curator, Mutina For Art), Konstantin Grcic (Designer), Massimo Orsini (CEO Mutina) and Francesca Taroni (Editor in Chief, Living Magazine Italy), chose to award artist Liz Larner, whose sculptures combine an abstract approach with an interest for both formalism and the emotional.

In order to celebrate the success of this third edition, we are sharing some footage shot during the event. Hope you enjoy it!