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Capsule Plaza

Capsule Plaza

Milan Design Week | 2023, April 17th–23rd

Installation views by t-space
Portraits by Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Presented for the first time on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Capsule Plaza is a hybrid between a fair and a collective exhibition. A format that has brought together designers and companies from various creative fields – interiors and architecture, beauty and technology, ecology and craft –, bridging industry and culture together through a bold curation.
Housed at Spazio Maiocchi, Capsule Plaza provided an immersive experience to the visitors, through a gift shop, a collaboration with a Mexican gastronomic collective, a temporary bookshop and a new permanent bar, entirely realised with the elements of DIN by Konstantin Grcic.
Capsule Plaza
Capsule Plaza
BAR has been designed in collaboration with architect Paul Cournet, who decided to cover the entire space with the surfaces of the collection, by exploiting the modular logic which represents the core of the concept of DIN. The walls and the ceiling are decorated with the elements in Red Glossy, while the floor features the Black Matt version, creating a distinct chromatic contrast with great visual impact.
Capsule Plaza
Capsule Plaza

Konstantin took part to the programme of meetings organised by Capsule Plaza with a special talk, during which he has spoken about his work and personal approach, as well as revealing the behind the scenes of the development of the Mutina collection.

The conversation has been led by Tibor Bielicky, research editor of Kaleidoscope – bi-annual publication edited by Spazio Maiocchi –, co-founder of Ehrl Bielicky Architects, of the Recording America project and of the periodical Superposition, and professor at ETH Zürich.

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