24-28 September 2018
Video by Pietro Cremona

On September 24th Mutina inaugurated INEDITO, a week entirely dedicated to unveil the new projects of the company and celebrate art and surfaces in an unprecedented way.

On this occasion Mutina officially presents Accents, a project that aims to redefine the approach to interior design starting from surfaces, born out of the collaboration with the Copenhagen-based architectural firm OEO Studio. The week also includes the presentation of two new collections designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby: Lane, a chromatic and conceptual analysis of the London districts, and Primavera, a study on the irregularity of natural surfaces. Furthermore, MUT inaugurates Surface Matters, a special project where photography interacts with the ceramic surfaces, challenging the traditional display.

We are sharing a video in order to celebrate this week full of novelties. Hope you enjoy it!

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