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Teknotessere by Mutina Team

Teknotessere by Mutina Team

Teknotessere represents modernity and simplicity, in the form of ceramic elements. The collection is made of small 1x1 cm tiles, geometric and essential, in five sober and refined colours: Bianco, Cemento, Nero and Fango.
The minimalism of Teknotessere allows for it to be easily complimented with other Mutina collections in the same evironment, thus creating unique and unprecedented atmospheres.


Teknotessere respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Teknotessere Bianco
Teknotessere Bianco
“With Teknotessere, we wanted to create ceramic elements able to define a sober and contemporary chromaticism, celebrating the classic colour palette of Mutina.”
Teknotessere Nero
Teknotessere Nero
Teknotessere Fango Teknotessere Nero Teknotessere Cemento Teknotessere Cemento Teknotessere Bianco

Sizes & Colors

Homogeneous porcelain stoneware tesserae obtained by pressing and fixed on net
Nominal Sizes
1·1 cm (3/8”·3/8”) net 30·30 cm (12”·12”)
7 mm

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