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Tex by Raw Edges

Tex by Raw Edges

Tex is a re-interpretation of textile textures, entirely ceramic. The shape of the tiles consists of a simplified enlargement of the basic knitted stitch and can be arranged in three main patterns, each of which can be declined in eight different colours: a mix inspired by the design of textiles, which re-creates the feel of the different tones of the yarn. 

The production of Tex enhances the variety of the textures, the authenticity of colours and the quality of the glaze that, once applied on the surface, gives birth to irregular and more or less saturated light effects.


Interior Innovation Award 2014


Tex respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Tex Grey, Black
Tex Grey, Black
With the aim of enhancing the surprise effect and to increase the creativity and personalisation of the environments, the three shades will be placed randomly in the packages. By this, when installing Tex, arbitrary arrangements could be achieved. There are also patterns named Runner: premade installations arranged on a mesh similar to mosaic settings, which allow to locate graphic elements in particular places, both on floors and walls.
Wall: Tex White, Olive, Cream. Floor: Tex White
Wall: Tex White, Olive, Cream. Floor: Tex White
Tex White, Cream, Yellow
Tex White, Cream, Yellow
Visit the gallery to discover the whole collection.
Tex Blue, Cream, White, Blue Skirting
Tex Blue, Cream, White, Blue Skirting

Raw Edges

The Raw Edges design studio, founded by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, joined the Mutina team in 2010. They designed the Folded, Tex, Folded XL and Tape collections.
“Looking around us, almost every object has its own particular texture, whether it is a natural or a handmade material. Rather than designing new textures by ourselves, we have reached a print effect and created our reference tactile library by placing plasticine on objects and materials we thought were interesting.”
Tex by Raw Edges
Tex White, Cream, Yellow Tex White, Yellow, White Skirting Tex White Tex Grey, Black Tex Blue, Cream, White, Blue Skirting Tex Cream, Blue, Cream Skirting Tex Brown Tex Cream, Blue Tex Olive Tex Olive, Black Skirting Tex Olive, Black Skirting Tex Black

Sizes & Colors

Glazed porcelain stoneware
Nominal Sizes
11,5·20 cm (4” ·8”)
Runner 35·40,4 cm (13 25/32” · 15 29/32”)
10 mm

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