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Folded XL by Raw Edges

Folded XL by Raw Edges

Folded XL reproduces the effect of the folded paper of the original collection, but on large-size slabs – 100x300 cm with a thickness of 5,6 mm – suitable for floor and wall coverings, for indoors and outdoors.

This new version is made entirely of an extra-white porcelain stoneware mixture, without the use of enamels and dyes.


Folded XL respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Folded XL
Folded XL
Folded XL consists of pure material pressed inside a latest-generation ceramic system that allows to create relief structures on large-size slabs for the first time. This way the pattern expands, allowing the play of light and shadow to develop even more easily along the entire surface.
Folded XL
Folded XL
Folded XL
Folded XL

Raw Edges

The Raw Edges design studio, founded by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, joined the Mutina team in 2010. They designed the Folded, Tex, Folded XL and Tape collections.
“It’s fantastic that in such a fast-changing world, a product created eight years ago is still fully relevant. It is important for us as we are trying to distance ourselves from fleeting trends and fashions.”
Folded XL by Raw Edges
Folded XL Folded XL Folded XL by Raw Edges

Sizes & Colors

Unglazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware
Nominal Sizes
100·300 cm (39,4”·118”)
5,6 mm

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