Hôtel Particulier di Piero Lissoni | Stanzas di Patricia Urquiola
Photography by Matteo Imbriani


“ELLE DECOR GRAND HOTEL” is the project-installation born out of an idea by Elle Decor Italia magazine, set up in the rooms of Palazzo Morando, Milan.
As the editor-in-chief Livia Peraldo Matton stated: “The idea of creating ELLE DECOR GRAND HOTEL is the result of reflection on the evolution of the hotel concept of which we have seen a true transformation in the past years. Boutique and design hotels have appeared, projects with strong identity have become widespread, not just perfect from a hospitality point of view, but also places of experience.”
ELLE DECOR GRAND HOTEL offers visitors a personal experience, thanks to rooms thought especially for socializing, reading, wellness and hospitality, leaving them free to explore bedrooms, lounges and gardens. Two exceptional names behind the project also in the hotel sector: Piero Lissoni, who designed the project for the public areas, conceived as those of a “Hôtel Particulier”, and Patricia Urquiola who designed the more private rooms, the “Stanzas”.
“I have conceived a hotel that is an aristocratic hostel rather than a hotel”, says Milanese architect and designer Piero Lissoni” simply changing the aesthetics of the interiors and using the style code of Italian architects at the turn of the seventeenth century, a particularly bright period with very strict architectural proportions. The whole project works on evident contrasts, classic with modern and modern that dialogues with history.” The rooms he has designed are furnished with contemporary design pieces that are in relation with facades and interiors of historic palazzos reproduced with photographic elaborations on the walls.
Mutina was part of the design of the Stanzas by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola: “ “I thought of the Grand Hotel bedroom, avoiding an interpretation in serial, repetitive ‘sample room’ style, preferring to imagine a series of rooms as the separate moments in a story. This led to the ambiguity of the title: ‘Stanzas’, which sounds like a Spanish word but instead refers to the various verses in ‘Stanzas in Meditation’ (1929), a collection of poems by Gertrude Stein. They came back to me as the idea for this project was taking shape. The furnishings are therefore a series of fragments, interpreting the many ways of personally experiencing the interiors of a room in a Grand Hotel: a room for one, two, three, four, five”
You can visit the exhibition until the 22th of October.