Elle Decor Grand Hotel

Invisible Rooms by Neri&Hu
Photo courtesy: Stefano Pavesi
Dal 2016, il progetto Elle Decor Grand Hotel analizza e riflette sull’evoluzione dell’interior design e del concetto di hôtellerie. Gli interni di Palazzo Morando vengono trasformati in installazioni ad hoc, progettate da firme internazionali del design, dove i visitatori possono sperimentare in prima persona le nuove istanze e funzioni dell’hospitality.

The edition of this year saw the involvement of Lyndon Neri e Rossana Hu, co-founders of the Neri&Hu Design and Research Office. Starting from Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities”, the architects developed a story that evolves visually, functionally and emotionally through ten theme-settings. Each room tells something peculiar and gives heterogeneous stimuli to the visitor by linking the Eastern tradition with the Western one.

Mutina took part as well to the realization of the temporary hotel, that can be visited from October 5th to 21st: Ceramica collection has been used in the Suite installation, the most private part that, being open to the public, brings into question the idea of privacy in the living spaces.

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