Natalie Du Pasquier, BRIC

September 23, 2019 – June 19, 2020

Nathalie Du Pasquier

Curated by

Sarah Cosulich

Inside Angelo Mangiarotti’s building, Nathalie Du Pasquier has imagined a large installation composed of seven sculptural parts. Seven structures of different shapes and sizes that give rise to an unexpected landscape, between sculpture and architecture, giant pawns and small towers.

The exhibition BRIC comes from the idea of the brick as an archetypal compositional element: minimal, economical, repeated, rhythmical, adaptable to the widest range of forms, the brick is a symbol of connection, and also a perfect work of architecture in its individuality.

Having always been fascinated by bricks, the artist has identified different types and then turned them over, glazing them with bright colors, layering them in large formal sculptures positioned inside the exhibition space. Revealing their inner construction, Du Pasquier activates delicate perspectives and architectural contrasts between solid and void, highlighted in turn by the bright colors of the glaze. Overturned, the bricks lose their structural virtue and become decorative modules of a pattern that reflects the visual mechanism of the ceramic tiles produced by Mutina.

Nathalie Du Pasquier intersects art and design in a single, fluid language, opening us to an instinctive and at the same time metaphysical landscape. Her work, which ranges through painting, sculpture and installation, investigates the relationship between the subject and space through an exploration of techniques of composition and display. In BRIC the composition takes us back to its foundation cell - the brick - and to the poetry that arises from its obsessive, rhythmical use, between weaves of light, shadows and structural lines.

The exhibition BRIC by Nathalie Du Pasquier is a site-specific project entirely produced by Mutina, as the result of an extraordinary dialogue between the artist and the company.

For further inquiries or plan a visit please contact Mutina for Art at or at +39.0536.812800. All images are subject to copyright. Mutina for Art approval must be granted prior to reproduction.
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