Paul Thorel

Passaggio della Vittoria at Madre Museum, Naples
The great site-specific installation Passaggio della Vittoria by artist Paul Thorel, commissioned by Madre Museum in Naples, has been inaugurated on 22 June 2018. A new project for the series Dialogue, dedicated to ceramics experimental productions of contemporary artists, which is part of the Mutina for Art project. Mutina has chosen to accompany Paul Thorel’s research about the perception of the image offering its special skills in the ceramic processing and production, by using an innovative double-inking digital print with gloss finish on mosaic.
Passaggio della Vittoria dissolves a combination of shapes and colors through a special process of image decomposition. A set of shapes, segments, horizons and colors accompanies the visitor in the passage from one point to another during the visit. The transit from digital decomposition to the real recomposition of the gaze and “the passage” from the absence of vision to intuition, are the interpretative elements manifested in their most emblematic meaning, and constitute the most complete work created by the artist to date.
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