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Liz Larner at Kunsthalle Zürich
10 June – 18 September 2022
below above
Winner of This Is Not a Prize 2018, the Californian artist Liz Larner has recently inaugurated a solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich: below above.
below above
Among the displayed works, there are the Asteroids, a series of ceramic wall art and sculptures of exquisite beauty and disturbing imperfection, as well as the latest project of the artist: Meerschaum Drift and Asteroids, a critic to nowadays consumerism, an invocation of an imminent loss that invites to take care of the world we live in.
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“The clay I use for the Asteroids belongs to earth and represents the space we are living in; the plastic produced with fossil fuels becomes everyday objects – recyclable and non-recyclable – such as toys, bags, disposable things… and here, it takes the form of sea foam. It is a seascape, or a skyscape, able to create an intense physical and emotional experience through materials.”
Liz Larner
below above
Liz Larner works and experiments with colours, shapes and contents, using a wide variety of materials: fabrics, bronze, liquids, stainless steel, plastic, wood and, especially, clay and ceramic. Her research gives birth to creations that, as she says herself, are far from traditional canons and perfection, calling for a freedom that stimulates thought beyond the mere concepts of acceptance or refusal.
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