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The Magic of Colour

10 years of experimentation with Barber & Osgerby
2023, September 25th – 29th | Spazio Mutina

The Magic of Colour celebrates ten years of collaboration with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. An event and a special project which includes a new edition of the historic Mews collection, enriched with three unprecedented colours, a new surface collection, Time, and a brand new Edition, Rivington Tables.

The remarkable drive to create, deep empathy, and shared desire for enjoyment are just a few of the reasons that make our collaboration so enriching, fostering creative and personal exchanges.

Drawing on each other's strengths, the projects undertaken with Mutina have extended the designers’ exploration into the realm of ceramics, challenging conventional norms related to scale, texture, and composition in this material. This spirit of experimentation, playfulness, and authenticity has consistently defined their collaboration with the company.


Time explores the natural weathering processes, where the recurrent actions of water and wind gradually erode and refine surfaces, shaping landscapes and evolving rugged features into sleek forms. The collection features three sizes, each of which is available in eight colours and two finishes, Rough and Smooth.
The Magic of Colour

Rivington Tables

Rivington Tables derives its name from the Rivington Bar & Grill Restaurant in London. Situated in close proximity to Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s studio, this establishment quickly became a favourite meeting spot with the Mutina team. The collection includes small tables of varying dimensions, produced using the casting technique and adorned with colourful glazes.
The Magic of Colour


Mews, a term referring to the narrow alleys in London's historic centre with their unique and picturesque aesthetic, is inspired by urban landscape, history, and textures of the English capital. As part of The Magic of Colour event, the Mews palette has been enriched with three new colours: Green, Light Blue, and Pink, available in all the collection's formats.
The Magic of Colour

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