Tex by Raw Edges

This complex and multi-coloured collection was inspired by textures from the world of textiles. The shape of a tile is a simplified enlargement of the basic knit. The rhombus shapes can be arranged in three main patterns, each of which has a different impact.

Tex has eight different colors, each of which contains a group of three shades. This triple shade mixture was inspired as well by textile design, re-creating the feel of the different tones of the yarn. To enhance the surprise effect and to increase the creativity and personalization, the three shades will be placed randomly in the packages; by this, when installing Tex, arbitrary arrangements could be achieved. On the other hand, in addition to the single tiles installation, premade patterns named Runner, will be arranged on a mesh similarly to mosaics settings. These meshes will allow locating graphic elements in particular places on the wall or on the floor. The production of Tex enhances a large multiplicity of textures, the variety of colors and the tactile qualities of the glaze. In addition, the colorful and natural glaze applied on ceramic creates an irregular effect in certain places, while a more saturated one in others.

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