29TH Apartment in Kyiv

Ft. Numi – Project by Slava Balbek and Yevgeniia Dubrovskaia


Located in the center of Kyiv, this spacious apartment with panoramic view has been designed by Slava Balbek and Yevgeniia Dubrovskaia from Balbek Bureau studio. The two architects recreated a modern atmosphere with some references to classicism. They boldly mixed minimalistic furniture with moldings and cornices, as well as added colour splashes that appear here and there throughout the space.

Even the kitchen follows the spirit and the aesthetic of the entire apartment: the contrast between pastel and dark colours, along with the shimmering Numi tiles that have been placed on the floor, gave birth to a cosy and attractive environment.


photography by Yevhenii Avramenko and Andrey Bezuglov