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Adagio by Ronan Bouroullec

Adagio Grigio

Adagio is a project consisting of a series of ceramic modules designed by Ronan Bouroullec to be assembled and generate scenic wall sculptures. The reticular structure resembles the fabric’s weave, whose three-dimensionality is made evident by the overlap of elements. The name refers to musical tempos and the slowness of the gesture: Adagio requires applying one piece at a time, following a sophisticated interlocking game.

It is a revolutionary project, unprecedented in ceramics, whose value also lies in the individual piece. With a size of 2.7x30 cm, the basic module breaks free from the concept of function to assume its own architectural elegance.


Adagio respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.

Adagio is a double-fired white paste ceramic, hand-finished with extremely shiny glazes that, through a particular application, manage to wrap all vertical sides of the piece. It is available in a palette of five glossy colours, which can be used individually: Bianco (white), Grigio (gray), Rosso (red), Blu (blue), and Verde (green); and in five combinations of two colours: Grigio + Blu (gray + blue), Grigio + Bianco (gray + white), Grigio + Verde (gray + green), Rosso + Blu (red + blue), Rosso + Verde (red + green). Each application involves a play of interactions between the element itself and the finished wall surface on which it is applied. By playing with the paints on which it rests, Adagio becomes an extraordinarily expressive and versatile product.

Adagio Bianco + Rosso
Adagio Bianco + Rosso
Adagio Grigio + Blu
Adagio Grigio + Blu
“Adagio is an architectural bas-relief. A texture resembles a ceramics fabric—an unexpected resonance between diverse subjects.”
Adagio Rosso + Verde
Adagio Rosso + Verde

Ronan Bouroullec

French designer from Bittany, Ronan Bouroullec joined the Mutina team in 2011. He designed also Osso & Bottone, Talea, Camino, Camini, Finestra Giorno, Finestra Notte and Candeliere. 

Adagio by Ronan Bouroullec
Adagio Grigio+Blu Adagio Grigio Adagio Grigio Adagio Grigio Adagio Blu Adagio Blu Adagio Grigio+Blu Adagio Grigio+Bianco Adagio Grigio+Bianco Adagio Bianco Adagio Bianco Adagio Bianco Adagio Verde Adagio Rosso Adagio Rosso+Verde Adagio Bianco Adagio Rosso Adagio Verde Adagio Colors Adagio Colors

Sizes & Colors

Glazed double-firing white body
Nominal Sizes
30·2,7 cm (1”·12”)
11mm min - 28mm max

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