by John Pawson
Mutina LIBRARY is a visual compendium made of all the inspirational sources that brought Mutina brand to life and shape. The third book we would like to share with you is Minimum, a visual enciclopedia of the principles of minimalistic aesthetics, by renowed architect John Pawson. Volume, light, mass, silence and solitude are displayed spontaneously through Mexican barns, spiritual buildings in Le Thoronet, De Chirico paintings, Palladio architectures, and so on.
«The minimum could be defined as the perfection that an artefact achieves when it is no longer possible to improve it by subtraction. This is the quality that an object has when every component, every detail, and every junction has been reduced or condensed to the essentials. it is the result of the omission of the inessentials.” John Pawson, 2003.
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