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Peter Dreher
100 Days

24th November 2023 – 27th March 2024
Casa Mutina Milano
Curated by

Sarah Cosulich

Installation views by Delfino Sisto Legnani
Installation views by Delfino Sisto Legnani
Peter Dreher 100 Days
Peter Dreher 100 Days

Curated by Sarah Cosulich, the exhibition generates an unexpected dialogue between the ceramic surfaces of Mutina and 100 canvases by the artist from the series Day by Day, Good Day, shown in the guise of a single large installation.

From 1974 to 2019 Peter Dreher painted the same empty glass on a daily basis, at the same distance but at various moments of the day, on canvases of identical size. The series, which the artist completed during 45 years of work, contains almost 5000 paintings. Choosing to repeat the same subject, Dreher called into question the idea of painting itself, testing the limits between subjectivity and distance, illusion and abstraction, gaze and perception.

Arranged sequentially throughout five interconnecting rooms, the works highlights Dreher’s unwavering commitment to detail and his extraordinary sensitivity to the ever-changing play of light from day to night. The rhythmic cadence of the paintings in the exhibition serves as both a personal and universal journal, inviting a reflection on the infinite possibilities of the gaze.


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Peter Dreher 100 Days
Peter Dreher 100 Days
Peter Dreher 100 Days
Peter Dreher 100 Days

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