A new perspective on tiles 2017

New campaign by Scheltens & Abbenes
Mutina presents its second advertising campaign, a consolidation of the collaboration with artists Scheltens & Abbenes. While the challenge of the first campaign was to tell in three different composition a story worth of 10 years of different collections made by different designers, this time the duo had to measure with 3 different collections: Rombini by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Numi by Konstantin Grcic and Puzzle by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The result is a series of architectural compositions with a great visual impact given by the apparently bi-dimensional tiles structures.

What was your take on this new campaign?

We had such good experience with the previous series we shot for Mutina, working from a maquette made in Amsterdam, translated at Mutina into real tiles and shooting it there for real. It allowed us to work in the same way but only with one collection each image. Which was a new challenge.

How did you manage to work with single collection this time?

We looked for a way that reflected the collection as a whole. To bring out the specific features of the collections but remaining a sense of abstraction and illusion, showing something that is not the real use of the tile but to step out of the ordinary use of it.

In which way patterns and architecture dialogue with each other?

Color, patterns, shapes, glaze are all part of the puzzling construction that seems to be 3d and flat at the same time. All together it creates a sense of space.

After two years of collaboration you are nOw very familiar with the company. Could you tell us about your relationship?

We think Mutina understands very well the importance of giving space to the creative proces. This attitude becomes visible into the high end tile collections and other special projects they source. They trust their designers and provide good feedback. We always feel so welcome being at Mutina!

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