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The making of
Video by Pietro Cremona

Chymia has been developed through the chromatic combination of black and white, that evokes the alchemical process of transformation of raw material.

During the design and production phases, we shot a video that shows the close cooperation between the Mutina team and Gennaro Avallone.


Chymia is produced in glazed porcelain stoneware and is composed by 22 elements in the single size of 30x30 cm and thickness of 10 mm, obtained by combining the principle structures with 11 textures, that can be placed randomly. They are rectified and available in both Black and White versions. Starting from the wide range, four mixes of 6 different articles (linked by the colour) have been realised.


The research performed on glazes and raw material, along with the combination of traditional applications and modern technology, allowed to obtain a unique product of high quality, enhanced by the use of absolute colours.


Chymia is an unprecedented journey that aims at making a break with traditional styles to restore strenght and an original quality to ceramic, combining symbols and textures to create patterns of light and shadows on the surface.


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