Kālida Sant Pau in Barcelona

Ft. Tierras by Patricia Urquiola


Located just a few meters from the Oncology Service, Kālida Sant Pau has been inaugurated on May 9th. The structure aims to be a source of support and information for cancer sufferers and an environment of understanding, where to feel free to share any feelings and concerns.

Conceived as a great Garden Pavillon of 400 m2 distributed on two levels with a garden of 650 m2, the structure designed by Benedetta Tagliabue (Miralles Tagliabue EMBT) is made of ceramic bricks that lets light filter in, provides ventilation and maintains privacy.

Indeed, the interior design has been carried out by Patricia Urquiola, who created a cosy and dynamic atmosphere. Working with her studio, she also enabled the project to receive donations from leading furniture, lightning and tile manufacturers.

The dialogue between the two architects gave birth to an unprecedented building among hospital facilities, capable to convey comfort, intimacy, domestic warmth and sense of protection, emphasizing the psychological power of surrounding. Furthermore, the use of materials such as wood and ceramic and the choice of a specific chromatic language allows the architecture to gives a sense of positivity.

Making available Tierras collection components to the project, Mutina has been one of the several companies who gave their contribution. Among others: Listone Giordano, Moroso, Kettal and Cappellini, Flos, Kvadrat, Roca and Bulthaup.


photography by Jason Keith, Lluc Miralles, Paola Acevedo