by Yael, Shay, Neeva and Maia.

Every month we ask our designers to share with us a unique content, to communicate an aspect of their personality and life. This time we asked Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay to share with us their family studio life attitude; so many times in the past their daughters joined meetings with Mutina, so we were curious to hear about the world seen through the eyes of Neeva and Maia.



Probably one of the most amazing dreams for a kid would be to have a parent with a grocery shop; means you can have as many candies and sweeties as you want! Our four and a half years old daughter Neeva really likes sweeties, she absolutely admires their existence and if she would be given the chance, she would actually eat them all day long.
Luckily Neeva also loves what we do in the studio, although there aren’t many candies around she still finds this messy colourful place great fun, she loves the small models, the swatches and off-cuts and she totally adores our design assistants Jutta and Tom.
In our work we are very much influenced by the way children investigate the world around them. We like the fact that most things are new to them, they don’t have pre-consumption and tend to get excited and emotional toward objects around them. in our design we often hope and try to make adult behave and feel like kids again.


Neeva got this new book called Paper Dolls, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Rebecca Cob. It is about a girl that goes on a fantastical adventure with paper dolls she cut and draw with her mum. So the first thing we did was cutting paper dolls for Neeva to draw, then we took one step further and inspired by the little girl’s
room we made with Neeva a glowing in the dark stars mobile. Since Neeva was few weeks old we started bringing her to the studio with us, and now that little Maia joined the family, she as well became part of the studio life.



And here we go, our glowing in the dark stars mobile.
We try every new year to send a family tower greeting photo; which used to be quite easy to photoshop when it was just the three of us, but now that Maia joined us things are more complex to fake when there is so much responsibility on Neeva’s shoulders : )