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Ceramica by Silvia Giacobazzi

Ceramica by Silvia Giacobazzi

Ceramica is a refined proposal to accompany spaces with a contemporary style, through elegant light effects that soften the surfaces. These elegant glazed tiles are obtained by wire drawing – a production method which, in addition to preserving its authenticity, makes each piece different from the other – and available in a 5,3x19,8 cm format.

The collection has a range of eight colors, including white and ivory, three different shades of gray and three spicy earth tones: a neutral palette, suitable for use in any type of environment.


Ceramica respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Ceramica Grigio Medio, Ceramica Grigio Chiaro
Ceramica Grigio Medio, Ceramica Grigio Chiaro
In order to achieve greater versatility of use, Ceramica Bianca can be combined with Flow White. A special concept is born out of their union, a harmonious mix and match of elements with an industrial yet artisanal-like texture, declined in the same nuances.
Ceramica Avorio, Flow White
Ceramica Avorio, Flow White
Ceramica Bianca
Ceramica Bianca
Ceramica Grigio Medio Ceramica Grigio Scuro Ceramica Avorio, Ceramica Beige Ceramica Ecrù, Ceramica Marrone

Sizes & Colors

Glazed pressed body
Nominal Sizes
5,3·19,8 cm (2”· 8”)
11 mm

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