Numi by Konstantin Grcic

Numi by Konstantin Grcic

Numi represents a conversation about art reproduced in ceramics, through the definition of manual signs that become small geometric units with simple aesthetics, with a clear and precise line.

The enameled, transparent and glossy patterns are made on tiles with a matt surface and saturated, dusty nuances, creating delicate contrasts between materials. The collection is made of porcelain stoneware and is available in two basic rectified sizes – 30x30 cm and 60x60 cm respectively – and a smaller size of 5x5 cm on a 31,6x31,6 cm mesh, the Numini that, based on the same principle, and thanks to the pattern recreated through relief, represents the sculptural soul of the collection.


Edida 2016


Numi respects the environment and it doesn’t contain V.O.C.
Wall: Numi Horizon A+B. Floor: Numi Light Grey
Wall: Numi Horizon A+B. Floor: Numi Light Grey
Numi is a book of research and inspiration from which emerges a strong recall to contemporary art – an element of great importance in the projects and in the very DNA of the company – to draw from for the creation of spaces with a modern and elegant taste.
Numi Moon A+B
Numi Moon A+B
Wall: Numi Slope A+B, Black. Floor: Numi Slope A+B
Wall: Numi Slope A+B, Black. Floor: Numi Slope A+B
Visit the gallery to discover the whole collection.
Numini Bay, Numi Light Grey
Numini Bay, Numi Light Grey

Konstantin Grcic

German artist and designer, Konstantin Grcic joined the Mutina team in 2015, with the Numi collection, followed by DIN in 2021.
“Working at my very first collection for Mutina, I’ve come to value the beauty of ceramics, a simple and ancient material. A lump of clay that becomes floor, coating. The idea of matter as something composed of so many units is really fundamental. A philosophical concept as much as a biological fact.”
Numi by Konstantin Grcic
Numi Climb B Numi Climb A Numi Climb B Numi Horizon A+B Numi Moon A+B Numi Moon B Numi Cliff A Numi Cliff B Numi Cliff B Numi Slope A+B Numi Slope B Wall: Numi Black. Floor: Numi Slope A+B Numini Climb Numini Moon Numini Cliff Numini Peak

Sizes & Colors

Industrial + Artisanal
Numi A+B: glazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware
Numini: double charge gres porcelain
Numi fondo: Numi plain colour: unglazed porcelain stoneware
Nominal Sizes
Numi 60·60 cm (24”·24”)
Numi 30·30 cm (12”·12”)
Numini 5·5 cm su rete 31,6·31,6 cm (2”·2” on net 12”·12”)
Numi 10 mm
Numini 6 mm

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