DÉCHIRER by Patricia Urquiola

The collection is developed on a major innovation in the field of ceramic coatings: having obtained, for the first time, a relief that is barely perceptible and can be used both in floor and wall coverings.

A walkable print produced in large sheets perfectly rectified and modular. Elegantly slip. These bas-reliefs of different heights are not mere decorations, but what remains of memories torn. Déchirer combines surfaces, textures and different materials: from porcelain to the 80% recycled glass mosaic of Déchirer glass and the grout for joints.


The collection is an extension of Déchirer. Two new textures: Net and Trace in 3 new colors. The abstract-geometric Net gets thick when it is touched by the light; Trace surface becomes even more opaque, materical, making the composition on large surfaces more free and continuous.

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