LANE by Barber & Osgerby

Lane is the result of a conceptual analysis of colour, interpreted through a detailed study of the neighborhoods and architectures of London.

Lane has been created in glazed porcelain stoneware and it’s composed of 3 versions: Base, Poly and Mono. The Base version comprises 5 colour palettes (White, Black, Grey, Aubergine and Terracotta), each of which is formed by a mix of different tones. Poly adds a number of elements in contrast to the 5 base colour palettes, while Mono is the optical version and comes in White and Black only. The collection allows for an endless variety of possible combinations that echo the atmospheres of London, which have always been a source of inspiration for designers’ work.
Lane comes in the 7.9 x 16 cm size and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, on both floors and walls.

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